Upcoming Slack integration and news for August

Tell us what you need from Apify + Slack integration. Apify app updates: support for multiple API tokens, more batch operations.


Upcoming Slack integration and news from August

The biggest announcement for September is that we’re working on integrating Apify with Slack and we want your suggestions. Let us know what you need from Apify + Slack.

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Tell us what you need from our upcoming Slack integration

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Apify is starting to design Slack integration. We want to make it easy for you to create Slack applications, post data to Slack, run Apify actors from Slack, and get your results directly in Slack channels.

Let your imagination run wild and tell us what you think Apify + Slack could do for you!

Your suggestions will help us make the right design decisions. Email us today and tell us what you want 📣

Apify app gets even better

Support for multiple API tokens

You can now create multiple API tokens in the Integrations tab of your account. This means that you can have a separate token for each of your integrations, making it more secure and safer to reset a certain token if it leaks.

Api tokens on apify platform.

​More batch operations available

We’ve added even more batch operations and now cover all tables in the Apify app — actors, tasks, schedules, storage and runs. So now you can run multiple tasks easily with a single click.

Table with details about previous task runs on apify.

New actors in Apify Store

Tracking COVID-19

Croatia has been added to our list of COVID-19 APIs. Our coronavirus stats in Croatia apify/covid-hr lets you get the latest data on the pandemic.

The rest of our COVID-19 APIs are all up to date so you can scrape current stats worldwide.

Ubuntu Image Scraper

If you use Ubuntu as your base operating system, our Ubuntu Images Scraper apify/ubuntu-images-scraper actor might be useful to you. It enables you to retrieve Ubuntu images IDs from a number of public cloud services.

Convert HTML to A4 PDF

You’ll know if this one is for you. Have an HTML string? Want it to be magically converted into a printable A4 PDF? This HTML String To PDF apify/html-string-to-pdf actor will do the trick.

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