Our 6 favorite e-commerce scrapers for March

Scrape e-commerce websites for customer, product, and transaction data to keep an eye on your competitors, monitor prices, research products, and measure brand sentiment. Find out how to scrape Decathlon and hundreds of other e-commerce websites with this easy step-by-step guide.


Web scraping e-commerce websites

E-commerce just means the buying and selling of products and services online by companies and individuals. It is possible to scrape e-commerce websites for any sort of data, including customer data (reviews, lists, interests, search queries), product data (price, description, availability), and transaction data (payment methods, taxation).

This data can be extracted and analyzed to implement data-driven strategies. Some examples of the fields where this data could be applied would be market research, brand sentiment monitoring, and price tracking.

Why web scrape e-commerce websites?

There are several reasons why web scraping e-commerce websites might be useful to you. Here are the 4 most common ones:

  • Market research: if you are a business, you might want to know what your competitors are selling online at all times and at what prices they are selling it.
  • Price monitoring: regularly scraping for product information and prices means you can get the best deals on your purchases.
  • Product research: scrape often to be the first to know when a high-demand product is available again.
  • Brand sentiment monitoring: be aware of how customers are talking about your business and stay up-to-date on any feedback so you can respond promptly.

Product Matching AI is out!

Looking to do product mapping for items from several online stores? Let the AI do it! Identify exact matches of product pairs using real-time data from web scraping.

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Web scraping is completely legal. Personal data is protected by GDPR in the European Union and other regulations worldwide, but it’s legal to scrape public data from online stores. Learn more on our blog post is web scraping legal?.

6 great online stores you can scrape right now

Whole Latte Love Scraper

On the Whole Latte Love website, you can shop for all things coffee. Espresso machines, coffee makers, grinders – you name it, they have it. They also offer a small range of coffee brews and mugs. Extract catalog data from Whole Latte Love with Whole Latte Love Scraper!

Scrape Whole Latte Love for all things coffee.
Scrape Whole Latte Love for all things coffee.

Teabox Scraper

Prefer tea instead? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Teabox is an Indian company that aims to create a more direct connection between tea producers and tea drinkers and make the tea industry more sustainable. Teabox Scraper will extract all the tea information necessary to make the right tea choice!

Prefer tea? No problem.

Fungi Perfecti Scraper

Fungi Perfecti is a family-owned business growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. On their website, you can find a wide variety of mushroom-based products, from supplements and food to fungi cultures. They also sell merchandise and learning resources, including seminars and books. Try Fungi Perfect Scraper to extract prices and product information and keep them neatly organized on your device.

Fungi Perfecti for all your mushroom-y needs.
Fungi Perfecti for all your mushroom-y needs.

Unique Vintage Scraper

Unique Vintage is an online store dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories. It’s a diverse and size-inclusive brand, and it supports several organizations committed to making the world a better place. Find your authentic bell-bottom pants and get your groove on. Unique Vintage Scraper is here to help you sort through this catalog from another era!

Vintage and size-inclusive!

Macy’s Scraper

If your interest lies in fashion, this is a great website to scrape. The Macy’s website has an average of 100 million visits per month, and it showcases all the latest fashion trends. Here, you can find apparel and accessories for men, women, and children, cosmetics, and home furnishing. Macy’s Scraper will get data on product information and prices direct from the website.

Macy's scraper will get you all the fashion data.
Macy's scraper will get you all the fashion data.

Decathlon Scraper

Decathlon is one of the biggest retailers of athletic apparel and equipment in the world. Camping, volleyball, hiking, football, bouldering, basketball… whatever your favorite activity, you can find the right clothing and equipment at Decathlon. Use Decathlon Scraper to monitor their product prices, details, and availability.

Get fit with this Decathlon scraper!
Get fit with this Decathlon scraper!

Decathlon tutorial

Here’s a tutorial on how to scrape decathlon.com. As these scrapers were built on a similar structure, the same tutorial applies to the other online stores presented in this article. Follow these simple steps to start scraping!

1. Go to the Decathlon Scraper’s page on Apify Store, and click the Try for free button. You will be redirected to Apify Console, which is your workspace to run tasks for your scrapers. If you already have an Apify account and are logged in, go to Step 3.

Go to the Decathlon scraper's page.
Go to the Decathlon scraper's page.

2. If you are not signed in, you’ll find yourself on the sign-up page (if you are already signed in, skip to Step 3). Sign up using your email account, Google, or GitHub.

Sign up or sign in with your email, Google, or GitHub.
Sign up or sign in with your email, Google, or GitHub.

3. The only required field for this scraper is how many items you want to scrape. If you want to tweak the advanced settings, click Extend scraper functionality and Options.

The Decathlon scraper on Apify Console.

4. Once you are all set, click the Start button. Notice that your task will change its status to Running, so wait for the scraper's run to finish. It will be just a minute before you see the status switch to Succeeded.

When the Actor finishes running, the status will switch to Succeeded.
When the Actor finishes running, the status will switch to Succeeded.

5. You can see the search created 767 results in the example. See the Output tab to see the results of your scraping. Move to the Storage tab containing your scraped data in many formats, including HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and RSS feed. Preview the data by clicking the Preview button or viewing it in a new tab if the dataset is too large.

Move to the Storage tab to see the results of your scraping.
Move to the Storage tab to see the results of your scraping.

6. You can now download the data to your computer for further use in spreadsheets, other apps, and projects.

These and hundreds of other scrapers based on Shopify stores are available on Apify Store! You can easily scrape any of them by following the steps illustrated above for the Decathlon Scraper. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us so that we can build a custom solution for you

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