How to scrape Amazon reviews in under a minute

This simple tutorial shows you how to scrape Amazon reviews in no time. Download your data in 6 formats for sentiment analysis or competitor monitoring.


Reviews are one of the most popular types of data to extract from the Amazon website. This information is vital for sentiment analysis and competitor monitoring. That's why Apify has created a tool to make Amazon review scraping quick and easy.

If you want more than review data from Amazon, we recommend you try Amazon Product Scraper and follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to use it. If you want to extract data from the Amazon Best Sellers category, guess what? We have a tool for that, too: Amazon Best Sellers Scraper. Just want data from Amazon Standard Identification Numbers? Amazon ASINs Scraper is what you need. But if you only want to scrape Amazon product reviews, you're in the right place!

Web scraping merely automates what a human would do manually: go through all the reviews of a specific product. It is, therefore, legal, but you still need to ensure not to accumulate sensitive information or copyrighted content.

If you’d like to know more about how the law sides with web scraping, check out our legality blog post ➜

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Step 1. Go to Amazon Review Scraper on the Apify platform

Go directly to the Amazon Review Scraper page from here and click Try for free. If you don’t already have an Apify account, you’ll be redirected to set one up. You don’t need a credit card, so you can quickly sign up with your email account, Google, or GitHub, without worrying about being charged anything if you simply want to try it out.

Step 1. Go to Amazon Review Scraper and click Try for free

Step 2. Add URLs for the Amazon products you want to scrape

You can choose more than one URL per run by clicking on the +Add button. We will use the pre-set URL and the default maximum number of reviews (100). We recommend that you always set a maximum number, so the scraper knows when to stop. With this configuration, we can expect up to 100 reviews for the Apple iPhone 64GB model in midnight green on

Step 2. Add the URLs for the Amazon products you want to scrape

You can adjust the settings in the input fields, or adjust the input code by switching to the JSON editor. Here is the default input in JSON:

  "productUrls": [
      "url": ""
  "maxReviews": 100,
  "includeGdprSensitive": false,
  "proxyConfiguration": {
    "useApifyProxy": true,
    "apifyProxyGroups": [
  "extendedOutputFunction": "($) => { return {} }"

Step 3. Click Start to extract Amazon reviews

You can, of course, configure Amazon Review Scraper to extract any product reviews you want. Once you're happy with your settings, or if you're using the default inputs to test the tool, all you have to do now is click that Start button.

Step 3. Scrape Amazon product reviews with one click

Step 4. Download your Amazon review data

We've just scraped 100 Amazon product reviews in 31 seconds!

Step 4. Download your Amazon review data

Now all you have to do is go to the storage tab and view or download your data in any of the six available formats.

Scrape Amazon reviews and download the data in 6 formats

Here is the data for the first of the 100 results in JSON:

  "productAsin": "B08BHHSB6M",
  "ratingScore": 4,
  "reviewTitle": "Great experience, Read for a honest unbiased  however just a few things people should know",
  "reviewUrl": "",
  "reviewReaction": "22 people found this helpful",
  "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2022",
  "reviewDescription": "I declined to leave a unboxing video & picture on this one as its the 2nd device I've bought from this store/seller in a month, technically 3 in total from one of their affiliates. So , I'll start with delivery & packaging , in my profession ( CyberSec/OSINT  ) this is very important detail, it will typically tell the rest of your experience. They did great with shipping times, the got it to me early which is always welcomed and as promised came with a very generic charging block & cable and the device that's about it and it all works great!.  I will also say their after market packaging they used was actually very professional and looked great, sealed with care . There was some paperwork on the side I highly suggest reading as its about your warranty and thus is important.  Remember you pay for what you get, especially with Iphones. I use Android and IOS in business,  I bought a brand new 2021 NEW flagship android device for $320 less than this product but what I paid extra for was that Amazon renewed guarantee which not only promises your device to come with certain prerequisites like over 90% battery life etc BUT it comes with a one year warranty as well as a great return policy which is also a year. I saw alot of mixed reviews , and the details is where you need to look . This company/store did a great job. With its presentation,  Now I'm not going to go to deep I go i to a deep review on the device as a iphone is a iphone,  is a iphone. I have owned every model ,this was a replacement for me aside from business use. This would have been 5 stars all around given the check star system Amazon has in place However,  for example the battery I gave 4 stars, it did come with  90% battery in its bank but like most Iphones unless it's a new battery and has been conditioned ( charged ) properly the battery life is not great on any pro model unless it's the max versions but it will do most great and  as expected. The forest green was a color I loved and was out of stock when I bought it new so that was a nice  addition vs the green iphone 12 pro I have which a total different shade of green. So I bought a bundle , a recommended case and some tempered glass screen protectors,  I will say as they are sufficient,  I made a common mistake as I do like to pay for convienance these bundles are not always the most cost effective route. Do yourself a favor & look around, so  my total was about $730 , the phone itself was priced decent enough but remember that tax is going go be a least $50 added to the device. The phone came 100% Factory Unlocked as advertised and in great shape , the only blemish which I wasn't heartbroken about However for that kind of money and knowing how inexpensive it is to fix the glass as I've done it many of times, there was a decent scratch at the top near the top speaker HOWEVER, I am a tad OCD about things like that especially when spending  that kind of money and having actually bought 3 devices Factory Unlocked I have a high standard. I think most people wont take a 2nd look at it. Just a side note, the resell and value system of used Iphones especially are still very off in 2022 considering for another $150 I could've just bought the iPhone 13 NEW. That said, that has nothing to do with this seller or store just a observation as my business is in all tech. At the end of the day,I can o my fairly go off of what I git & my experience.  I am highly impressed and happy with this purchase. This store/seller took great care in its delivery time, its great packaging, everything came as advertised and product for all Intensive purposes is basically NEW. After 3 devices both IOS & Android , I would not hesitate to do business with this company again. Don't second guess these guys , in reality this was a 5 star sale . They did great business and as I said I was willing to pay more as yes you can find this de ice cheaper all day BUT you are gambling , when it co es to stuff like this I can't stress enough you get what you pay for. The device was perfect, again great presentation,  Factory unlocked,ive tested it on over 20 GSM carriers thus far and I paid for a great product but a peace of mind for a full year , it has a great warranty,  and I have no plans of a return but that option is there if you want it . They did great, I am happy and would buy again!",
  "isVerified": true,
  "variant": "Size: 256GBColor: Midnight GreenService Provider: UnlockedProduct grade: Renewed Premium",
  "reviewImages": [
  "position": 1

Easy, right? So, how about trying it again on your own? Just choose some Amazon product URLs you want to scrape, select your preferred settings, and collect and download more review data, including rating scores, review descriptions, reactions, and images.

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