How to get top users and their positions from Binance Futures Leaderboard

Unofficial Binance Futures Leaderboard API to extract data on top users and their current positions.


If you're into cryptocurrencies, there is a 100% chance you know or already use Binance. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and has futures contracts called Binance Futures alongside regular trading.

Binance Futures Leaderboard Scraper is essentially a web scraping tool that gets top users and their current positions from Binance Futures Leaderboard lists. The Binance API doesn’t provide these. These lists are updated frequently and positions are always up-to-date with timestamps.

Using start URLs

Using filters

Setup and usage

Let’s jump to Apify Store, search for “Binance futures leaderboard” and click the very first result.

A very detailed readme will welcome you with lots of possible ways to use this actor. You can check inputs, example outputs, how the actor works, and how much time and CU (compute units) it will consume.

There are two main ways to use this Actor. One is to provide “Start URLs” and the other one is to use filters. They can be both used at the same time.

screenshot of input fields for Binance Futures Leaderboard Scraper
Binance Futures Leaderboard Scraper start URLs

A “start URL” can be any URL starting with “” like this one. The actor will scrape all users from the URLs that you define here. If you don’t want to use start URLs, you can just remove the predefined one.

screenshot of the Filters input tab for Binance Futures Leaderboard Scraper
Binance Futures Leaderboard Scraper Filters
screenshot of filters available on Binance Futures Leaderboard
Binance Futures Leaderboard filters

If you want to use filters, you have to enable the “Use Filters” option. “Type”, “Symbol”, “Time Interval”, “ROI Gains”, “PNL Gains at least”, “Users sharing positions”, and “Sort” by options map one-to-one to the ones on the website. You might notice there are two PNL Gains fields, if your type is “COIN-M”, you should use the second one.

Another feature of this actor is that it can scrape the latest positions of the users who share their positions. Just check the “Includes latest positions” checkbox and the actor will do the rest for you.

If you want to include user positions, it is advised to use it with the “Users sharing positions” option. Otherwise, the leaderboard will contain lots of users that are not sharing their positions so you will get fewer results.

Example output


As you can see in this example output, user AroJarHzEe has 2 open positions. You can always use “outputFilterFunction” input to alter or change this output according to your needs.

Possible use cases

You can use Actor to integrate top user positions from Binance into your trading strategy. You can create informative bots that send these positions as signals or you can even integrate this actor into your automated trading system and copy their positions immediately. It can be used as a data analysis tool as well.

  • Automated trading: integrate this scraper into your automated trading algorithms and copy the positions of the top users on Binance Futures.
  • Developing signal bots: process the positions of the top users and send signals to places like Telegram or IRC bots.
  • Popular positions: compare open positions and learn what top users are on to.
  • Trend analysis: analyze the position trends of the top users.
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Final words

I initially developed this Actor for myself to get signals when high-ranked users open large positions on specific symbols. It is working pretty well so I decided to open it to the public.

More features will come soon, such as specific user scraping, detecting changes in positions. I am planning to release more of my trading tools and develop new ones and I am always open to new ideas. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any feedback, feature requests, or totally new ideas that might be interesting to implement.

P.S. You should always use a proxy to get the best results.

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