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How Sydney-based Nodd Solutions improved their data collection with Apify thanks to clean data, easy proxies, and great integrations.


Challenge: Inefficient tools and data restrictions

Tom Hall, founder of Nodd Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in Sydney, had trouble gathering data for outreach and communication with potential leads. Existing scraping tools like PhantomBuster didn't offer enough control, and website restrictions made lead generation difficult. Tom especially needed a more effective solution to get clean data from LinkedIn.

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Solution: Automation and control with Apify

Tom found Apify through a recommendation from business influencer Alex Hormozi. He liked Apify's developer-focused platform, which offered the automation and control he needed. Apify's ability to easily run tasks through proxy servers was especially helpful, letting Tom avoid blocking.

Apify was quite techie and developer-centric, which was good for me in the long term. I needed something that offered more control.
-- Tom Hall

Implementation: Integrating Apify into app development

At first, Tom thought Apify was complex because it seemed very technical. However, he found the documentation and integrations very helpful. He integrated Apify with his app, scheduling his scraping tasks to run regularly.

Apify has taught me a lot about web scraping. The integration with my app was straightforward and handling the data has been easy.
-- Tom Hall

Easy adoption and future plans

Though Apify initially seemed difficult to master, Tom quickly adapted and is now considering building his own Actors to further customize his data scraping tasks. This flexibility is one of the reasons he values Apify so highly.

If Apify disappeared, I’d have to build my own scrapers and handle server hosting myself. Apify’s handling of these aspects is invaluable.
-- Tom Hall

Results: Better data gathering and insights

With Apify, Tom could gather clean, enriched data for business leads, which improved his outreach. The ability to automate scraping tasks saved time and gave him more control over the data extraction process. This allowed him to focus on other aspects of his app development.

Conclusion: valuable lead generation tool

Tom’s experience shows Apify's value in providing a powerful, developer-friendly solution for web scraping leads. Despite initial concerns about technical complexity, Apify's strong documentation and integration capabilities made it an essential tool for Tom’s app development work.

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David Barton
David Barton
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