Scaling email marketing and lead generation with itrinity and Apify

How itrinity uses Apify to take its email verification and outreach strategies to another level.


It all began in August 2023, when Fabian Maume, co-founder of, joined a unique startup studio as the CMO for EmailListVerify and Warmup Inbox. These are two tools designed by the software company itrinity to improve the deliverability and integrity of email lists for email marketing and lead generation.

Over time, all cold email inboxes suffer from deliverability issues. Warmup Inbox actively helps to reverse this process by keeping you out of spam folders and blacklists.

The studio (itrinity), a hub for six SaaS companies, was on a mission to streamline its operations and scale its outreach efforts. Facing the daunting task of manually verifying email addresses and warming up inboxes, the need for an efficient, scalable solution was clear.

The catalyst for change

EmailListVerify and Warmup Inbox were getting good referral traffic from YouTube. They needed to scale up this acquisition channel by reaching YouTube channels and offering them to join their affiliate program.

However, the team's process was initially manual and cumbersome, involving captcha-solving for each email, with a cap of ten emails per day. This slow and tedious process was inhibiting growth and scalability.

Using Apify saved us about 40 hours of work and gave us the ability to scale our operations: from 10 emails per day, we were able to compile a database of 400 emails in just one week.

— Fabian Maume, CMO of EmailListVerify and Warmup Inbox

Manual email extraction: The process was cumbersome, involving captcha-solving for each email, with a daily cap of ten emails per IP address. This severely limited the team’s ability to scale their marketing efforts.

Inefficient outreach: Collecting email addresses from YouTube channels for affiliate marketing was a slow and manual process, inhibiting growth and scalability.

A leap towards efficiency

Automating email verification

Fabian had previously used PhantomBuster for LinkedIn scraping, but Apify offered a broader range of automation capabilities through its Marketplace of Actors (Apify Store). This versatility made Apify an invaluable tool for the team's varied automation needs.

By integrating Apify into its workflow, the team was able to automate the verification process and scale its outreach efforts significantly. From 10 emails per day, the team was able to compile a database of 400 emails in just a week, a task that would have been unimaginable with their previous manual processes.

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Scraping YouTube for lead generation

Another game-changer was the use of Apify's Actors for scraping YouTube channels, specifically YouTube Contact Information Finder, for affiliate partners. This allowed them to bypass the slow and cumbersome manual collection of email addresses and facilitated a more rapid and efficient outreach process.


Automated email verification: Through a custom-developed Actor on Apify Store, EmailListVerify automated the validation of email addresses, which radically sped up the process.

Streamlined outreach: For Warmup Inbox, Apify enabled the automation of email collection from YouTube channels, which facilitated a more extensive outreach program.
Behind the scenes, Apify's capabilities in captcha solving, proxy pools, and automation, while not directly visible to end-users, were instrumental in the success of our email verification and outreach campaigns.

— Fabian Maume, CMO of EmailListVerify and Warmup Inbox

Increased efficiency: The team compiled a database of 400 emails in just one week, a task that would have been unfeasible without Apify’s automation.

Time savings: By automating the email collection and verification process, the team saved over 40 hours of manual work.

Enhanced outreach: The automation facilitated a broader and more effective outreach campaign, reaching hundreds of potential affiliates in a fraction of the previously required time.

Benefits of Apify for marketing strategies

The adoption of Apify brought tangible benefits to itrinity. It saved the team hours of manual work, translating to considerable cost savings and making their marketing campaigns more viable and effective. This efficiency gain underscores the impact of using Apify for email verification, marketing, and lead generation.

Apify is a huge time saver. If you're copying and pasting data from a website, Apify Store likely has a solution that will save you a significant amount of time.

— Fabian Maume, CMO of EmailListVerify and Warmup Inbox
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