Error 1015: how to solve rate limiting from Cloudflare when web scraping

Is your web scraper getting 1015 status codes? Solve them with this quick guide.


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Coming across a Cloudflare error 1015 can disrupt your web scraping, but read on to learn how to overcome this hurdle and get on with your data extraction.

What is error 1015 from Cloudflare?

HTTP code error 1015, or "You are being rate limited", is a server-side error normally associated with Cloudflare. Error 1015 most often occurs when your crawler hits a website with too many requests in a short time. This detection triggers Cloudflare's security measures, leading to a denial of access to the website.

1015 error for web scraping means you're getting rate limited. Get a proxy provider or slow down with your requests next time around.
1015 error for web scraping means you're getting rate limited. Get a proxy provider or slow down with your requests next time around.

The most common causes of Cloudflare 1015 error

  1. VPN or proxy detection. The website's server identifies incoming connections from VPNs or proxies and interprets them as potential security risks or attempts to circumvent access restrictions.
  2. Cloudflare security protocols. Cloudflare's security protocols automatically block connections detected as coming from VPNs or proxies to prevent unauthorized access or malicious activity.

How to avoid getting an error 1015 from Cloudflare

1. Use rotating proxies

Once your IP is tainted with rate limiting, there's no going back – you need to get a new one. Rotating residential proxies are even better, as these route your requests through multiple legitimate IP addresses assigned to residential internet users. This can efficiently evade detection by websites and Cloudflare's security measures.

2. Use a different proxy provider

If your current VPN or proxy service is consistently triggering error 1015, consider switching to a different provider with better stealth capabilities or less detectable IP addresses.

How to deal with Cloudflare errors when web scraping?

Each Cloudflare error presents its own set of obstacles for web scraping:

Want to learn more about rate limiting? See our Docs.

While error 1015 from Cloudflare may challenge web scraping projects, using residential proxies or switching VPN providers can help you bypass it. By understanding the reasons behind error 1015 and employing targeted solutions, you can continue your data collection activities with minimal disruptions.

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