What would Apifier be without an API

Things have been crazy here at Apifier since our launch almost 3 weeks ago.


Json data.

We received tons of great feedback from our users, worked day and night on new features, ran on Product Hunt and finally, presented Apifier at the Y Combinator Fellowship Demo day in Mountain View to about 200 YC alumni and partners. Okay, enough said, here is what’s new:

  • API — now you can list crawls, run them and view their results using a RESTful API. To make this easy to find, we added a dedicated API section to almost every page.
  • CSV output — although JSON is cool, people sometimes prefer to view their data as table (sigh).
  • Log — debug your crawler using a detailed crawling log
  • Dozens of improvements to user interface, crawler core, documentation, performance optimizations, new examples etc.
  • Various bugfixes (yes, it happens to us too)

There’s no stopping us right now, expect a lot more coming soon. Of course, if you have any specific feature requests, just let us know.

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