Deprecating support for running old Apify SDK versions on the Apify platform

We're going to do some infrastructure upgrades on our worker servers. Find out if and how they'll affect your Actors.


As part of our continuous effort to improve the performance and security of the Apify platform, we're going to do some infrastructure upgrades on our worker servers, which will cause some features in certain older versions of the Apify SDK for JavaScript to break.

Which Actors will be affected?

The Actors affected by this change are those using either:

  • Apify SDK version 0.14.8 or earlier and one of its PuppeteerCrawler, CheerioCrawler, BasicCrawler, or AutoscaledPool classes.
  • Apify SDK version 0.20.4 or earlier and its getMemoryInfo() function directly.

We've analyzed all Actors executed on the Apify platform in the past two months and found only a very small number of Actors that match these criteria, which would be affected by this change. We've already contacted the owners of all affected Actors, and we're actively working on upgrading them to newer Apify SDK versions to prevent them from breaking.

Once all affected Actors are upgraded, we'll proceed with the infrastructure update. We expect to do so in late April or early May.

If you believe your Actors will be affected by this change and we haven’t contacted you yet, please reach out to, and we'll investigate further.

František Nesveda
František Nesveda
Full-stack developer at Apify, Python advocate, space travel enthusiast. I enjoy digging into problems & tinkering with everything. I'm a purebred tech nerd but I don't like to look like one too much.

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