Best incentives for devs to keep working remotely

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With the development of technology, remote work culture has been on the rise for a while. According to Statista, before COVID-19, 17 percent of US employees worked from home. The same research shows that this percentage increased to 44 percent after the pandemic.

After the pandemic, the IT industry reached the second-highest percentage in remote work. The remote work culture in the IT industry keeps growing, even though the problems created by the pandemic are slowly disappearing.

This increase in the IT industry clarified some of the best incentives for developers to keep working remotely after the pandemic. It is becoming obvious that remote work will be the future of work for the IT industry after the pandemic, thanks to its benefits for both employees and employers.

The biggest incentives for devs to keep working remotely:

  1. Flexible schedule
  2. Finding suitable work opportunities anywhere in the world
  3. Productivity
  4. More time with family and friends
  5. Finding remote team members for side projects
  6. Less stress, better health

Flexible schedule

A flexible schedule is the most important incentive for a developer to prefer remote work. Not all developers are the same. Not all developers are productive from 9am to 5pm. Flexible working hours let developers manage their time better. They can be more productive and stress-free. This helps developers finish tasks and projects faster.

Finding suitable work opportunities anywhere in the world

It is important for a developer to work on a project that is precisely suitable for her. This is what will keep the developer motivated and retained in work. With remote work, developers have more opportunities to find projects or companies which are exactly suitable for them. Borders become irrelevant for developers with remote work. This is one of the most significant incentives for a developer to keep working remotely.

This is also beneficial for developers from non-urban areas. With remote work, they find the opportunity to meet with companies they want to work with. This decreases the cost of work for both developers and companies.

Developers can also form communities based on their interests and skills. Invide is one of these remote developer communities which helps developers advance their careers and find remote job opportunities.


With a remote work environment, developers have the opportunity to work at the most convenient and productive hours for them. This reduces the pressure on developers. According to Stanford research, out of 16,000 workers, working from home increased productivity by 13%. Other research shows that 42.6 percent of developers think it is easier to complete tasks while working remotely. These studies show that flexible working hours are beneficial for both developers and employers.

More time with family and friends

Another incentive for remote work for developers is a balanced work and family life. Before remote jobs, it was harder to balance work and family life for developers. Being a developer is not an easy job. It requires a lot of working hours and high-pressure deadlines. Before remote work, it meant a lot of office hours in addition to time spent on commuting.

With remote work, developers have a chance to spend more time with their families and friends. Remote work opportunities allow them to set their schedules. With the help of flexible schedules and fewer commuting times, they balance their work and social lives. This has a substantial impact on their productivity.

Finding remote team members for side projects

Side projects are important for developers to advance their careers. Thanks to a flexible schedule, developers can allocate more time to their side projects with the help of remote work.

Developers can meet with other developers remotely and build remote teams for their side projects. You can use the Invide Community forum to meet with other remote developers and build your remote team.

Less stress, better health

Reducing commute time helps to decrease stress for remote developers. A stress-free work environment helps devs to focus more on their tasks. In this way, developers can become more productive, and it will be easier for them to complete tasks and finish the projects.

A stress-free work environment also helps developers to have better mental and physical health conditions. Since remote work allows developers to work in environments where they feel most comfortable, they can be more productive and focused.

Some developers prefer to work in entirely silent environments, while others prefer to work in crowded environments. With remote work, developers can create their own optimized work environments.

Baris Elcin, designer, photographer, CEO of Invide Labs

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