Introducing Apify Power Actors: do more by combining Actors into workflows

Power Actors are a new era for Apify Store: powerful new tools that combine Actors into workflows that solve complex problems.


Over time, the Apify platform has matured, so more and more people are now capable of developing their own solutions, which is awesome, and we love it! 

Apify Store continues to expand, and our Actors now solve a huge range of problems for you, our users. You can easily use our ready-made solutions to get the data you need for your business or marketing campaigns. 

That’s great, and those Actors will continue to develop and improve.

But in Delivery, where we serve dozens of enterprise clients, we put our heads together with the Apify Store team and brainstormed how we could deliver even bigger value to our clients.

So we’ve mastered developing solutions for data extraction from various platforms. Now what? How can we do more? 

How can we move Actors to the next level?

Well, we thought hard and came up with the idea of Power Actors

Apify Power Actors move Actors to the next level
Apify Power Actors move Actors to the next level

A Power Actor is an orchestrated solution that combines multiple Actors with a unified output. This approach saves a tremendous amount of time. Our clients don’t have to waste their own resources cleaning data, aggregating it, or enhancing it with third-party solutions such as OpenAI, Google Lens, Translations, and so on. The Power Actor takes care of all that.

We want our Power Actors to serve as examples for our clients. An inspiration for what we can do for them if they come up with surprising and demanding use cases.

Even more importantly, we want Power Actors to encourage the developers in the Apify community to “think big”. If they work on bigger, more complex projects, they can deliver significantly bigger value for their clients. That makes their work more appealing – and profitable.

So we want to introduce the first Power Actors that we’ve developed.

Restaurant Review Aggregator

Restaurant Review Aggregator provides a unified output schema containing metadata and review details. It uses Google search queries with restaurant names and geo coordinates to obtain the correct URLs for reviews. It gathers reviews from Google Maps, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Facebook.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis Tool

Social Media Sentiment Analysis Tool automatically gathers comments from profiles on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Then, with simple natural language processing techniques, this scraping tool can analyze the collected data to determine the sentiment score of each comment. Sentiments are typically categorized as positive, negative, or neutral.

Social Media Finder

Social Media Finder accepts a social media handle as its input and uses logic to search for the handle across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more. It will then proceed to gather all the posts with comments and will give you a sentiment analysis of each.

Website Content Crawler Pinecone Integration

This Power Actor integrates Website Content Crawler (WCC) with the Pinecone vector database. Its main goal is to scrape a specific website and store the scraped text data as embeddings in a Pinecone database. WCC Pinecone Integration takes advantage of LLM and RAG capabilities and all works right out of the box. Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a technique for enhancing the accuracy and reliability of generative AI models by using facts fetched from external sources (in our case, the user’s website stored as a vector database).

Pinecone with GPT Chatbot

You can also connect your Pinecone database with OpenAI's GPT model using our Pinecone GPT Chatbot. This Actor provides you with an interactive chatbot application similar to ChatGPT. You can ask questions as if you were chatting with ChatGPT but, thanks to the integration with the Pinecone vector database, the model has a richer and more up-to-date knowledge base.

Power Actors: a new era for Apify Store

We believe that this is the beginning of a new era for Apify Store. Soon, Apify Store will offer solutions to complex problems that previously had to be built by whole companies.

If you’re interested in working with us to create a Power Actor for your company, don't hesitate to reach out to our Apify Professional Services team. 

And if you’re a developer with an idea for a Power Actor, go ahead and publish your solution in Apify Store and start making money with us!

Václav Růt
Václav Růt
Head of delivery - actor delivery. My role in the Apify team is to communicate with the customers, discuss the project, and create samples.

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