Apify now integrates with 1,000 other tools

David Barton
David Barton

Boost your productivity with popular Apify integrations

Apify now connects to 1,000 other web tools, thanks to our Zapier integration.

With Zapier, you can set up your own codeless integrations called “Zaps”. Zaps will automatically send information from one tool to another, so you’ll spend less time manually transferring data between your business tools.

No matter what other apps you use, chances are Apify integrates with them via Zapier.

Check out some of the most popular integrations:

Boost your productivity this New Year and try out some of the Zaps above or view more ways to integrate Apify.

In addition to these 1,000 integrations via Zapier, you can also use Integromat, Keboola, or directly use our REST API and webhooks!


  • Zapier is a workflow automation tool that connects with 1,000 web tools
  • Zapier allows professionals to build their own integrations without writing a line of code
  • Create automated workflows, aka “Zaps,” that connect two or more web tools together
  • Use Zapier for free or choose the plan that’s right for you

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